Orthodontics is for Adults, too!

We have a lot of fun in our orthodontic office – with kids AND with adults!  More and more adults are considering improving their smile and bite with orthodontics – which can include braces or more subtle approaches such as Invisalign and other active appliances.  We recently found this article from WebMD.com that talks about orthodontics for adults – we think it is quite accurate and has a lot of information for adults to consider.

Dr. Joiner always recommends that an adult is “cleared” with their general dentist prior to starting orthodontic treatment – sometimes there are periodontal or gum concerns as well as restorative needs to consider.  Dr. Joiner recommends seeing him BEFORE you get a lot of crown, bridge or other restorations, since often these are best done when orthodontic treatment is completed.  He will work closely with your general dentist and periodontist to ensure that the timing is ideal for your orthodontic, restorative and periodontal needs.  In addition, we feel we have a very special team and approach that sets us apart and provides an extra special measure of “care” and treatment.   If in doubt, CHECK IT OUT!  Exam appointments are complimentary (free) and you will learn a lot about your oral health when you take the time for yourself and make an appointment.  We even take a complimentary digital (low radiation) panographic Xray (and send it to your general dentist) as well as photos to enable the most comprehensive results possible during this appointment.  You do not need a referral from your dentist or anybody else – if YOU want an exam, you just call and we’ll schedule it!  Your first appointment can be the start of a new path toward a new smile!  We look forward to meeting you and helping you create the smile of your dreams!

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