Smile for long life!

Smile - you'll live longer!

We have long suspected that people who smile a lot are happier, with better relationships, better “people” skills and they seem to feel better about themselves as well.  Researchers at Michigan’s Wayne State University determined in a March 2010 study that those people with big smiles actually live longer as well!  They looked at photos of 230 pro baseball players, analyzed and categorized their “smile intensity” and compared them with data related to longevity and determined that those who “smiled bigger” also lived longer (about 7  years longer)!  Here in Santa Cruz, CA, we can’t help but smile as we work with great patients and create fabulous smiles every day.  We like to think that, by helping our patients be more comfortable smiling more broadly and more often, we are also helping them live longer and happier lives.  And 7 more years is definitely something to smile about!

Check out our Smile Gallery and our Team Photos page to see LOTS of smiling faces, and give us a call if you would like Santa Cruz Orthodontist Dr. Mark Joiner and Team to help you improve your smile – we’re here for you!

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Health and social networking, in my opinion couldn’t possibly have a positive correlation. Social networking is a total waste of time. I’d personally rather meditate and clear my mind than filling it will all those unnecessary conversations.

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