We have a lot of fun in our orthodontic office – with kids AND with adults!  More and more adults are considering improving their smile and bite with orthodontics – which can include braces or more subtle approaches such as Invisalign and other active appliances.  We recently found this article from WebMD.com that talks about orthodontics for adults – we think it is quite accurate and has a lot of information for adults to consider.

Dr. Joiner always recommends that an adult is “cleared” with their general dentist prior to starting orthodontic treatment – sometimes there are periodontal or gum concerns as well as restorative needs to consider.  Dr. Joiner recommends seeing him BEFORE you get a lot of crown, bridge or other restorations, since often these are best done when orthodontic treatment is completed.  He will work closely with your general dentist and periodontist to ensure that the timing is ideal for your orthodontic, restorative and periodontal needs.  In addition, we feel we have a very special team and approach that sets us apart and provides an extra special measure of “care” and treatment.   If in doubt, CHECK IT OUT!  Exam appointments are complimentary (free) and you will learn a lot about your oral health when you take the time for yourself and make an appointment.  We even take a complimentary digital (low radiation) panographic Xray (and send it to your general dentist) as well as photos to enable the most comprehensive results possible during this appointment.  You do not need a referral from your dentist or anybody else – if YOU want an exam, you just call and we’ll schedule it!  Your first appointment can be the start of a new path toward a new smile!  We look forward to meeting you and helping you create the smile of your dreams!

Smile - you'll live longer!

We have long suspected that people who smile a lot are happier, with better relationships, better “people” skills and they seem to feel better about themselves as well.  Researchers at Michigan’s Wayne State University determined in a March 2010 study that those people with big smiles actually live longer as well!  They looked at photos of 230 pro baseball players, analyzed and categorized their “smile intensity” and compared them with data related to longevity and determined that those who “smiled bigger” also lived longer (about 7  years longer)!  Here in Santa Cruz, CA, we can’t help but smile as we work with great patients and create fabulous smiles every day.  We like to think that, by helping our patients be more comfortable smiling more broadly and more often, we are also helping them live longer and happier lives.  And 7 more years is definitely something to smile about!

Check out our Smile Gallery and our Team Photos page to see LOTS of smiling faces, and give us a call if you would like Santa Cruz Orthodontist Dr. Mark Joiner and Team to help you improve your smile – we’re here for you!

Dr. Mark Joiner and Team knows how important it is to brush after eating and to floss daily; with braces, things get a little bit more complicated!  If you have braces, you have probably tried flossing using the little floss threaders, and pushing the end under the wire, pulling the floss through and flossing THE tooth – each one individually.  This is cumbersome and many patients just give up after a few attempts.  Well, we are happy to tell you that there a couple of new products out that will make flossing a breeze, and we want to tell you all about them!

The first flossing aid is called Platypus flossers www.platypusco.com.  Similar to a regular pre-strung floss threader, it differs in that it has one very small “finger” that goes under the wire of the braces, and another regular, thicker one that goes behind the teeth.  You can go here to see a description of how to use it: http://www.platypusco.com/how_to.html.   Dr Joiner likes this product because it is pre-loaded with floss and easy to use. Since it is pre-loaded, you have to use a new one each time.  However, there is another product that might be even easier and more versatile . . .

Enter FlossFish, the newest flossing aid invention!   http://www.flossfish.com/ Flossfish looks like a plastic needle threader, which is the end that you thread a piece of floss through.  Then you hold the threaded floss and use the tip as an extra “finger” – guiding it under the bracket quickly and flossing each tooth as you move along.  Dr. Joiner likes the design of this one because it can be used over and over again, since you load it with your own floss, its smaller and seems easy to use.

Dr. Mark Joiner and Team want to find out from YOU, those who wear braces and are our patients, which aid you prefer.  So we have samples of BOTH TYPES of flossing aids in our office; stop by and pick up a sample of each to try them out.  Then, send an email to fun@joinerortho.com, and give us your opinion about which one is better for your situation. Be sure and give us your name and phone # in your email so we can confirm you as a patient. Each patient who shares their opinion with us via email will get a Jamba Juice gift card!  Sweeeeeet!